During this period of tier 4 restrictions with only 20 people able to come
to Mass, please come to one Mass per week and so give everyone a 
chance. If you are free, please come to a weekday Mass and allow
those who work the opportunity to book a Sunday Mass.

Bookings for Sunday Masses weekend Saturday 5th and Sunday
6th December 2020

Call the parish mobile (07427 425218) from 12 noon on Monday 30th

Weekday Masses: please note there is NO need to book for these
Masses. We will operate a “first come first served” basis. However,
given that only 20 may attend Mass, there may be the possibility that
the church is full when you arrive and you may not gain entry.

It is a very difficult time for everyone and we thank you for your
continued support and understanding.

God bless. Fr Kevin & Deacon Tom